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The Sproules of Grennan and St George Connection

Lease by Governors of Charitable Charter School, Co. Fermanagh [see D1390/8], to Charles Sproule Esq., Grennan

PRONI Reference :          D1390/44/2

Date :    20 January 1778

Description :       Lease by Governors of Charitable Charter School, Co. Fermanagh [see D1390/8], to Charles Sproule Esq., Grennan, Co. Tyrone, farmer, of part of the town and lands of Crevenish called Sconcehillpoint, Co. Fermanagh.

I was anxious to see this deed, partly for its information, and partly for the opportunity just to hold it in my hands - one of those lovely old documents with the wonderful seal and signature of Charles Sproule of Grennan. Then there was the information in the document itself, and here, yet again, was a new mystery – possibly.

I knew exactly what this deed was. Charles Sproule of Grennan, who Jack Elder had called Charles of ‘Upper Grennan’, was the man who took out this deed. This lease was one of 3 leases signed on that same day, 20th Jan 1778, where Charles Sproule of Grennan was leasing land from  the Governors of the Vaughan Charter School in Fermanagh. Each lease was for a different townland in Fermanagh, and Charles put his son George as lessee for the land in the townland of Crillan and his son Robert got land in the townland of Feddans. We don’t have copies of those two deeds, just a one line record of each which tells us that they existed. But the third deed, for Sconce Hill and Rabbit Island in Fermanagh, does exist, and it was this one that I wanted to see in PRONI.

Now this one was a mystery from the get go. Where exactly was this Rabbitt Island? There is a townland of that name in Fermanagh, but I didn’t think it was there. And then the name of the ‘lessee’ on the lease is odd too. I knew that the the one line record had  the name on the lease as  ‘Charles Sproule’, and that had to be Charles Sproule of Grennan himself – not one of his sons, as was on the other two leases. Was he holding it for a younger son? Or perhaps it was just an investment. There was never a Sproule in later records in any place in Fermanagh of that name – so what happened to the Rabbitt Island land?

The 1778 deed in PRONI revealed all.

It is a beautiful lease on heavy parchment. We see the signature and the seal of Charles Sproule of Grennan in two places. He even writes on the deed – we have his own handwriting from 1778!

Charles was leasing, “that part of the town and lands of Crevenish called Sconce Hill point containing ten acres together with the Rabbitt Island containing eleven acres adjoining thereto”.  

That gives us an exact position for our Rabbitt Island. It is the one that is actually in Lower Loch Erne, near Kesh in County Fermanagh.

Charles Sproule was leasing from the Governors of the Charter School. This was a charity set up through the Will of George Vaughan in 1785 who left his Castle Hassett estate to be held in trust as a charity to provide a school for the local children. The land that Charles Sproule leased was, ‘in his actual possession’, that is, there wasn’t a tenant there, Charles Sproule already had this land.

Where this gets really interesting is firstly with the named ‘lives’ on this lease, and secondly with addendums attached to the document.

 As was the custom then, the length of the lease was not given in years, as in, for example, a 30 year lease. It was given in ‘lives’, that is, as long as the named person or people in the deed were living. The deed expired, or had to be renewed, when the last named person died.

The ‘lives’ named on this deed are;

“The Reverend Howard St George of Ardvarney in the County of Fermanagh, Arthur John St George his eldest son aged four years or thereabouts and Capel Edward St George his second son aged four months and for and during the lives and life of the survivors and survivor of them and the said Charles Sproule his heirs and assigns”

3 of the lives are the St George family. So is there a connection with this St. George family? Well, I found that the names alone do not signify anything. When I looked at a list of all the Vaughan Charity lands, many had Dr Howard St George and his children as the named lives. So this wasn’t unusual. 

However, the townland where Howard St George lives in 1788, Ardvarney, definitely rings a loud bell! Howard St. George is the rector in the parish Drumkeeran and also of Magheraculmoney at that time, but he is living in Ardvarney. Round about that same time, a large chunk of Ardvarney in Fermanagh was leased by another Sproule, Joseph Sproule of Curraghmulkin. [1] Joseph of Curraghamulkin would be a very close relative of Charles Sproule of Upper Grennan - probably his uncle. Joseph of Curraghamulkin would certainly have been aquainted with the local Rector.

(Now there will be Grennan researchers jumping up and down in their seats at this point, for they not only know the name, ‘St George’, but some of them actually have this St George name as part of their own! There is a whole line of Sproules who use the name, ‘St George Sproule’. Now, just hold that thought for a minute… we’ll get there.)

The two addendums attached to the deed also have the name of Howard St. George.

The first is a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the deed, and on it is a little map, where it tells us that the land at Sconce Hill on the mainland, some 10 acres, are to be  ‘taken off’ for the Rev. Howard St George. So Charles Sproule of Grennan is keeping Rabbitt Island and he is giving, by the look of this, the Sconce Hill land on the mainland to the Rev. Howard St George.

The second addendum is written on the back of this deed and it is dated over two years later, in May 1780.  This is where Charles Sproule of Grennan himself is writing on this deed! There he is, he held this document in his hands, and Charles of Upper Grennan wrote on it. Now I too held this same document. What a moment!

Two years after leasing this land, Charles is signing over all of it to the Rev Howard St George for the sum of 5 shillings – the same price he paid for it.  I find that a bit odd. Charles did not sell it back to the Board of Governors of the Vaughan Charity School, from whom he had leased it, but he is signing it over to the Rev. Doctor St. George personally himself. Why, I wonder?

The Rev. Howard St George was one of the Governors of the Vaughan Charity School, and he was also the Chaplain – which meant he was effectively running the school. There were later challenges as to how the school was run, and how it was financially managed, and the person reporting on this to the Parliamentary Commission of enquiry was the very same Rev. Dr. Howard St. George. In 1814, he submitted information with a list of the leaseholders. Strangely, Charles Sproule of Grennan is still the named lessee of Rabbit Island and Sconce Hill – not the Rev. Dr. Howard St. George.

Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons,
Report from Commissioners 1813-1814

I don’t know what is going on here, nor am I suggesting anything nefarious. I do think it possible that it was a commission, a payment, from Charles to the Rev. St George for the leasing of the Crillan and Feddans land at a very small cost. Now this money may not have gone into the Reverand’s back pocket, but rather it might have been a charitable donation.

What it definitely does show is that there is some kind of personal relationship between Howard Molyneux St George and Charles Sproule of Upper Grennan with a link to Joseph of Curraghamulkin and the Ardvarney land. I was more convinced of this personal relationship when I noticed the name of of one of the witnesses, the name Charles Lucas.

Charles Lucas is the brother of the wife of Howard St George, Mary Lucas of Castle Shane in Monaghan. Charles later became High Sherriff of Monaghan. So the witness is Howard St George’s brother-in-law who lives in Monaghan.  

So now we have some kind of a connection between Rev. Doctor Howard St. George and the Grennan Sproules in the late 1780s. Now we move to the next generation.

Howard St. George and his wife Mary Lucas had a son, Henry Lucas St George, who later became the Rector of Dromore, County Tyrone. It is this son of Howard St. George, who's name, ‘St George’, was claimed by a line of Grennan Sproules.

John Sproule, and his wife Elizabeth Wallace, were also Grennan Sproules, from the family that Jack Elder termed ‘Another Grennan Family’. This was the less wealthy end of Grennan,  with hilly land overlooking the affluent land of Charles of Upper Grennan.

James Sproule, the eldest son of John and Elizabeth, had married Ann Irwin, daughter of James Irwin and Isabella Osborne of Letterboy, in 1837. Ann, the wife, had died in 1852, and James had found it difficult to support his family.  The Rector of Dromore at that time was our Henry St George, and he and his wife took in three of the Sproule children, George, James and Wallace, and looked after them with great care and love. One of these children, James, who had lived with the Rev. Henry St George, later gave each one of his children the name ‘St George’ in his honour, and this line has the name ‘St George Sproule’ to this day.

Why did the Rev Henry Lucas St George take in the 3 Grennan Sproule children? We don't know, other that pure Christian charity, which that couple definitely had. 

But there does seem to be an odd intertwining between the St George family and the Sproules of Grennan, or is this just coincidental?

To be honest, I don’t know!

[1] This is quoted in a deed PRONI Ref D674/19, which gives a list of previous Ardvarney deeds.

[2] The Family of James Sproule of Grennan and Ann Irwin/Irvine by Jo McCoy

Lease dated 20 Jan 1778 between Charles Sproule of Grennan and the Governors of Charitable Charter School

 Lease by Governors of Charitable Charter School, Co. Fermanagh [see D1390/8], to Charles Sproule Esq., Grennan

PRONI Reference :          D1390/44/2 Date :    20 January 1778

Transcribed by Kate Tammemagi

This indenture made the Twentyeth day of January in the year of our Lord God, on thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight between the Governors of the Charitable Charter-School erected and endowed by the last will and testament of George Vaughan Esq, of the one Part, Charles Sproul of Grennan in the county of Tyrone Farmer of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Governors, for and in consideration of the yearly Rent, Covenants, Conditions and Agreements, herein after reserved, mentioned and contained, have granted, demised set and to Farm Let and by these presents, do grant demise, set and to farm Let, unto the said Charles Sproule in his actual possession, now being by Virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof, made by the said governors, for one whole Year, by indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents, in consideration of five shillings sterling, and by force of the statute for transferring ulies into possession and to his heirs and assigns all that and those that part of the town and lands of Crevenish called Sconce Hill point containing ten acres together with the Rabbitt Island containing eleven acres adjoining thereto the whole containing by survey lately made thereof, Arable and Pasture twenty one acres plantation measure, be the same more or less, exclusive of bog, meared and bounded as described in and by map or survey thereof and hereunto annexed, being part and parcel of the Manor of Castlehassett, situate, lying and being in the County of Fermanagh …(more detail here) To have and to hold the said herby granted and demised premises with the Appurtenances (except as before excepted) unto the said Charles Sproule his heirs and assigns from the first day of November last past, for and during the life and lives of The Reverend Howard Saint George of Ardvarney in the County of Fermanagh, Arthur John Saint George his eldest son aged four years or thereabouts and Capel Edward St George his second son aged four months or thereabouts and for and during the lives and life of the survivors and survivor of them and the said Charles Sproule his heirs and assigns  …. (Rent etc. here)

On the back of the lease:

Know all men by these Presents that I the within named Charles Sproul of Grennan in the County of Tyrone in consideration of five shillings to me in hand paid do herby for me my heirs Execs & Admins assign transfer & make over unto the Revd. Doc Howard St George of Ardess in the County of Fermanagh all my rights … & interests of … the within Indenture of lease & the lands thereby demised to hold to Dr Howard StGeorge his heirs and assigns for & during the continuance of the lives within mentioned subject … to the payment of the within recorded rent and to the performance of all other the clauses and … within mentioned covenanted on the part of the … to be done and performed. In witness wherof I have hereunto put my hnad and seal tthis 22 day of May 1780

Signed sealed & declared in the presence of … Stewart, Charles Lucas

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The Family History of the Dungannon Sproull Family

 This information is put together from this Sproull's family's booklet in PRONI, Ref T2578/2, and from following up on this online.[1] [3]

ROBERT SPROULL SURGEON OF DUNGANNON  died in 1747 in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. [1]

Robert Sproull Surgeon of Dungannon had the following children that we know of:

  1. Mary Sproull who married John Hunter Esq. of Stewartstown, Tyrone on  9 Dec 1790 [2]
  2. REBECCA SPROULL.  She died on 21 Apr 1785 in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. She married James Semple in 1748.[2]
  3. ROBERT SPROULL OF DUNGANNON.  He died on 23 Jan 1785 in Dungannonn, Tyrone, Ireland. He married Mary on 7 Jun 1773.[3] She died on 29 Nov 1789 in 6 Usher's Quay, Dublin. 

Generation 2 - Robert Sproull and his wife Mary had the following children;

  1. WILLIAM SPROULL was born on 09 May 1772 in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. He died on 16 Mar 1817 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. He married Eleanor Carleton, daughter of Cornelius Carleton and Elizabeth Casement, on 27 Apr 1797 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland. She was born in 1775. She died on 17 May 1863 in College St, Belfast (Age 88).
  2. ELINOR SPROULE was born on 27 Feb 1774 in Dungannon.
  3. ROBERT SPROULL was born on 23 Apr 1775 in Dungannon, Tyrone. He died on 28 Apr 1775.
  4. BABY SPROULL was born in Oct 1776 in Dungannon. (Stillborn baby).
  5. JAMES SPROULL was born on 23 Jan 1778 in Dungannon.
  6. ROBERT SPROULL was born on 11 Apr 1779 in Dungannon. He died on 21 Jul 1840 in 5 Union Place Blackheath Rod, Greenwich, London, England. He married Ann King on 13 May 1819 in Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London, England. (No children that I know of)
  7. WILSON SPROULL was born on 08 Jul 1780 in Dungannon. He was in business in the town of Armagh, and he died on 04 Mar 1842 in Armagh. He married MARGARET. They had one child that I know of, Mary Ann Sproull, who lived in Gracehill, Co. Armagh.
  8. MARY SPROULL was born on 08 May 1784 in Dungannon, Tyrone.
  9. JOHN SPROULL was born on 20 May 1785 in Dungannon, Tyrone.

Generation 3 William Sproull and Eleanor Carleton had the following children:

  1. ROBERT SPROULL was born on 17 Apr 1798 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. He died on there on  03 Jan 1799.
  2. FRANCES CARLTEON SPROULL was born on 08 Feb 1800 in Belfast. She died on 14 Oct 1874 in 34 Summerhill, Dublin (Age 74). She married William Holmes esq of Barnhill, Stewartstown, son of Robert Holmes of Dublin and Margaret McCartney, on 16 Jul 1822, in Clonoe, Tyrone, Ireland. William was born in 1796 in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland (Attorney). He died on 02 Apr 1858 in Barnhill, Stewartstown, Tyrone.
  3. MARY SPROULL was born on 24 Jul 1802 in Belfast. She died on 16 May 1860 in 32 College St. Belfast. Ireland.
  4. WILLIAM HENRY SPROULL was born in 20 Aug 1812 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. He died on 18 Apr 1883 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. He married (1) JANE FULTON, daughter of Robert Bell Fulton, Major, on 15 Aug 1839 in St Sidwels Church, Exeter, England. She was born on 17 Dec 1819 on a ship in the Bay of Bengal. She died on 02 Sep 1845 in Belfast. He married (2) SARAH FERGUSON, daughter of William Ferguson, on 08 Feb 1848. She was born in May 1823 in Shaws Bridge, Belfast. She died on 25 May 1854 in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland (aged 31). He married (3) BONELLA MCDOWALL, daughter of Alexander Mcdowal and Bonella Mary Mcdowall, on 09 Sep 1856 in Ayr, Scotland. She was born on 29 Aug 1826 in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died on 23 Feb 1861 in Carrickfergus, Antrim. He married (4) JANE BIRNEY, daughter of John Birney and Cordelia Jones, on 21 Apr 1862 in Lisburn Cathedral Church. She was born about 1828 and she died in 25 Feb 1915 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus.
  5. ELIZABETH SPROULL was born on 12 Aug 1814 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. She died on 09 Jun 1868 in College St, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Generation 4
Frances Carlteon Sproule  and William Holmes esq. of Barnhill, Stewartstown had the following children:

  1. ROBERT WILLIAM HOLMES was born on 06 Jan 1826 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone.
  2. ELEANOR FRANCES CARLETON HOLMES was born on 09 Dec 1827 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown. She died on 22 Jan 1909 in 16 Newgrove Ave, Donnybrook, Dublin (Spinster, Gentlewoman). She married  JAMES COOTE SHUTER, son of John Shuter, on 21 Feb 1860 in St Mary's Church, Dublin, Ireland. He was born about 1839 in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. He died on 15 Feb 1914 in "Barnhill", Gortatray, Donaghenry, Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
  3. MARTHA MARGARET HOLMES was born on 02 Jul 1829 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. She died in Mar 1909 in Dublin South, Ireland.
  4. FRANCIS HAMILTON HOLMES was born on 29 Jun 1831 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. He died on 02 Jul 1890 in 2 Belmonunt Place, Sundrive St, Dublin (Bachelor Solicitor).
  5. JOHN HUNTER HOLMES was born on 14 Oct 1833 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone.
  6. ARABELLA MARY HOLMES was born on 01 Oct 1835 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. She died on 12 Feb 1917 in 4 Charleston Rd, Rathmines, Dublin. She married John Moore esq, son of Montgomery Moore, on 06 Jan 1859 in St George's Church, Dublin. He was born in Tonyreagh, Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh. He died on 19 Dec 1883 in Dublin, Ireland.
  7. EDWARD LITTON HOLMES was born on 02 Apr 1839 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. He died on 08 Feb 1886 in Baggot Street Hospital (Accountant). He married Ann Amelia Guy, daughter of Robert Guy, on 18 Jul 1865 in Monkstown, Dublin.
  8. MARY ELIZABETH HOLMES was born on 02 Apr 1839 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. She died on 23 Apr 1840 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone.
  9. ALBERT GEORGE BIRMINGHAM LOVELOCK HOLMES was born on 21 May 1842 in Barnhill House, Stewartstown, Tyrone. 

Generation 4
William Henry Sproull and his first wife, Jane Fulton, had the following children:

  1. CHARLES CASEMENT SPROULL was born on 01 Dec 1840 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland (Christened  Christ's Church Belfast). He died on 24 Dec 1924 in Invercargill City, Southland, New Zealand. He married Ellen Laing on 16 Jan 1865 in New Zealand. She was born on 07 Dec 1841. She died on 02 Jun 1923 in Invercargill, Invercargill City, Southland, New Zealand.
  2. JANE FULTON SPROULL was born on 23 Aug 1845 in Queen St. Belfast. She died on 25 Jul 1922 in Dickinson, Stark, North Dakota, USA. She married Rev. ALBERT JOHN BURNETT, son of William McDonald Burnett, on 15 Aug 1877 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. He was born in Jan 1848 and he die on 3 Aug 1900 in Galveston, Texas, USA. (Curate of the Parish of Seagoe, near Portadown.

William Henry Sproull and his second wife, Sarah Ferguson, had the following children:

  1. WILLIAM FERGUSON SPROULL was born on 04 Mar 1849 in 34 College Street, Belfast, Ireland. He died on 04 Jun 1849 in 34 College Street, Belfast. (Died age 16 weeks T2578/2).
  2. HENRY CARLETON SPROULL was born on 11 Jun 1850 in 34 College Street, Belfast. He died on 12 Oct 1931 in Bloomhill, Ballygawley, Tyrone. He married Elizabeth Mary Simpson on 09 Jan 1888 in Howrah, Bengal, India. She was born in Clonamully, Monaghan.
  3. VALENTINE SPROULL was born on 15 Mar 1852 in 34 College Street, Belfast. He died on 17 May 1852 in 34 College Street, Belfast.
  4. HUGH OLIVER CARLETON SPROULL was born on 30 Aug 1853 in 34 College Street, Belfast, Ireland.

William Henry Sproull and his third wife, Bonella McDowall,  had the following children:

  1. ALEXANDER MACDOWAL SPROULL was born on 03 Sep 1857 in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland. He died on 23 Aug 1896 in Leihue, Kauai, Hawaiian Islands. He married Nellie Wallace, daughter of James Wallace, on 01 Mar 1892 in North Koahala, Hawaiian Islands.
  2. WILLIAM CORNELIUS SPROULL was born on 11 May 1859 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. He died in Hawaii, before 1914.
  3. BONNELLA ELEANOR FLORENCE ELIZABETH SPROULL was born on 13 Jan 1861 in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland. She died in Oct 1935 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England. She married HENRY EDWARD GOOCH, son of Thomas Henry Gooch, on 03 Feb 1891 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus (widow). He was born in 1858 in Derby, Engalnd (Bank Manager). He died on 09 Nov 1896 in Norfolk England. 

William Henry Sproull and his fourth wife, Jane Birney, had the following children:

  1. HELEN CORDELIA JONES SPROULL was born on 06 Apr 1863 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. She died on 01 Dec 1954 in London, England. She married (1) WILLIAM HOLMES SHUTER REV, son of James Coote Shuter and Eleanor Frances Carleton Holmes, on 26 Aug 1909 in St James Church, Belfast. He was born on 31 Oct 1862 in Stewartstown, Tyrone, Ireland. He died on 05 Jul 1940 in Surrey, England.
  2. MILLY SPROULL was born on 09 Apr 1864 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus.
  3. MARY SPROULL was born on 27 Nov 1865 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. She died on 02 Mar 1937 in 54 Wandsworth Rd. Knock, Belfast. She married (1) LAWRENCE WALKER on 26 Jun 1890 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. He was born about 1862 in Gloucestershire (Professor of Music).
  4. ELEANOR ROSINA SPROULL was born on 22 Sep 1867 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland (M.B. Ch.B. Edin. Univ. Physician). She died in Oct 1958 in Middlesex South, Middlesex, England.
  5. JOHN BIRNEY SPROULL was born on 02 Apr 1869 in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland. He died on 31 May 1938 in Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus. He married SUSIE LITTLE, daughter of Frederick LITTLE, on 31 Aug 1904 in First Presbytarian Church, Belfast, Antrim. She was born on 06 Feb 1878 in Belfast, Antrim. She died on 17 Jul 1957 in Musgrave & Clark Clinic, Belfast, Antrim.
  6. CORNELIUS CARLETON SPROULL was born on 25 Apr 1870 in Carrickfergus, Antrim. He died on 05 Oct 1929 in Stirlingshire, Scotland. He married MARY LEES PETTIGREW on 12 Sep 1899 in Sligo, Ireland. She was born about 1870 in Crosshill Glasgow. She died on 05 Jun 1924. 

[2] Ireland, Indexes to Wills, Probate Administration, Marriage Bonds and Licences, 1591-1866

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The Sproull Family of Dungannon, Belfast and Carrickfergus

The Family History in the Sproull family Booklet

PRONI Reference :          T2578/2 Transcribed by Kate Tammemagi

This is written in the family member's own hand and I have transcribed it word for word. The only additions are bullets to indicate the children, and descriptive notes on the writing etc.

Robert & Mary Sproull were married on 7 Jun 1771. A match of their own making.

  • William their first child was born Sunday 9th May 1772 about one o’clock.
  • Elinor their second child was born on Sunday the 27th of February 1774 about six o’clock in the morning.
  • Robert their third child was born on Sunday the 23rd day of April 1775 about four o’clock in the morning. He departed this life the Friday following about five o’clock in the evening.
  • They had a daughter dead born in Oct 1776.
  • James their fifth child was born on Friday the 23rd January 1778 about four o’clock in the morning.
  • Robert their sixth child was born on Sunday the 11th day of April 1779 about one o’clock in the morning. Added later in different writing (died in London in July 1840)
  • Wilson their seventh child was born on Tuesday the 8th day of July 1780 about two o’clock in the afternoon. Died at Armagh on the night of Friday 4th March 1842.
  • Henry their eighth child was born on Thursday the 15th day of August 1782 about twelve o’clock at noon. It was exactly six months after the first mutiny of the Volunteer Delegates in this town  (Dungannon) and it was that name after Henry Grattan Esq. who was one of the first … (unreadable few words)
  • Mary their ninth child was born on Tuesday the 18th day of May 1784 about ten o’clock in the morning.
  • John their tenth child was born on Friday the 20th day of May 1785 about twelve o’clock at night.

 Robert Sproule departed this life the 23rd day of January 1785 about ten o’clock in the morning. Added later in different writing  & was buried in Dungannon Church Yard.

Also Mary Sproull his wife departed this life the 29th November 1789 about one o’clock in the morning at No 6 Usher’s Quay Dublin and was interred in the Parish Church of St Michan.


William & Eleanor Sproule were married the 29th day of April 1797 in Lisburn by the Rev Doctor Cupples.

Added later in different writing - (Eleanor Sproull died at 32 College Street Belfast on Sunday 17th May 1863 at 9.15 am aged 88 years interred in her father’s Cornelius Carleton’s grave in Lisburn churchyard Wednesday 20th May 1863)

  • Robert their first child was born on Tuesday the 17th day of April 1798 about twelve o’clock at noon. He departed this life the 3rd June following.
  • Frances Carleton Sproule their second child was born on Saturday the 8th day of February 1800 about one o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Mary their third child was born on Saturday the 24th day of July 1802 about ten o’clock in the morning. 
  • William Henry their fourth child was born on Thursday the 20th day of August 1812 about one o’clock in the morning.

  • Elizabeth their fifth child was born on Friday the 12 day of August 1814 about nine o’clock in the evening. Died Tuesday 9th June 1868.


The writing now changes – a new person is recording from here. The new person begins with the words ‘The said William Sproull’ which would indicate that the person who wrote the first piece was likely to be William Sproull, born 1772, son of Robert Sproull and Mary. The new writer tells us who he is now writing in the next section.

The said William Sproull (husband of Eleanor) died at Belfast on 16th March 1817 & was interred in the burial ground at the back of the Poor house in the 11th lot 6th platform.


On Tuesday 16th July 1822 the above mentioned Frances Carleton Sproull was married to William Hoolmes of Dungannon Attorney at law in the Parish Church of Clonoe in the County of Tyrone by the Rev. John Ankclell curate. 


On the morning the 15th day of August 1839 I the above mentioned William Henry Sproull (of Belfast Attorney-at-law) was married to Jane daughter of the late Major Robert Bell Fulton of the Bengal Artillery (formerly of Lisburn) in St Sidwels Church in Exeter by the Rev R. H. Tripp. Said Jane was born on board ship in the Bay of Bengal on 17 December 1819.

  • On Tuesday 1st December 1840 at a quarter past eleven o’clock forenoon we had a son born who was christened Charles Casement in Christ’s Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas Drew on Friday 12th February 1841.
  • On Saturday 23rd August 1845 about 5 o’clock evening we had a daughter born. Her mother took fever and died on Tuesday 2nd September 1845 at 8 o’clock evening – the remains were interred in Lisburn church yard on Saturday the 6th Sept. 1845.  The infant was baptised by the Rev. Thomas Drew D.D. in Christ’s Church. Belfast & named “Jane Fulton”. On Sunday 5th October 1845. 
William Henry Sproull
26 Queen St. Belfast
5th Oct 1845

On Tuesday the 8th February 1848 I, William Henry Sproull, was married to Sarah eldest daughter of William Fergusson & Anne Brown, his wife, in St. Anne’s Church Belfast, (the Parish church) by the rev Horation Maunsell Rector of the Parish of Drumbo, Co Down – said Sarah was born on Sunday 25th May 1825 in a house at Shaw’s Bridge in the Co. Down.

  • On Sunday the 4th March 1849 at half past one o’clock afternoon, we had a son born, who was baptised “William Ferguson” in the Parish Church Belfast, by the Reverend Thomas Ferguson Black on this day, Wednesday the 9th day of May 1849. 

34 College Street, Belfast.

He died on Sunday 24th June 1849 (about 5 pm) when 16 weeks old & was interred in Ballylesson Church Yard on Tuesday morning 26th.

  • This morning, Tuesday 11th June 1850, at 7 o’clock a.m. a son was born who was baptised "Henry Carleton” on Sunday 21st July 1850, in the Parish Church, Belfast by the Rev. Charles Allen, Curate.
  • Monday 15th March 1852, about 2.15 p.m. a son born who was baptised “Valentine” on Tuesday 13th April 1852, by Rev. J.P. Waldo curate, by private baptism in 34 College Street, Belfast. He died on Monday 17th May 1852, at 8am & was interred in Ballylesson Church yard on Tuesday the 18th.
  •  Tuesday 30th August 1853 at 5.15 a.m. a son was born who was baptised "Hugh Oliver Carleton" on Sunday 13th November 1853, by Rev George A.F. Patton assistant curate by private baptism in 34 College Street Belfast. The baptism is registered in the Parish Church.
On Sunday Morning 10th December 1854, at about 9.40 a.m. the above named Sarah died of consumption after a long illness, aged 31 on 25th May previous. Interred at Ballylesson on Wednesday 13th

On Sunday morning 10th June 1855 at 5.30 a.m., Hugh Oliver Carleton died & is interred in his Mother’s grave.

Added later in different handwriting - Jane Fulton Burnett died at Dickenson, North Dakota, on Mon 24th July 1924 at 10p.m. and was buried on Wed after at 3.30.


There is a photocopy here of a  note to William Henry Sproull from Frances Carleton Holmes;
My dear Wm. Henry,
As you expressed a wish when I was in Belfast, to get the dates of the births of my children I take the earliest opportunity I have had in my power of sending them to you, you can copy them in any way you like into the family Bible. I occasionally heard from Mary how you all are, Charlie the … is going to school every day and dear baby again my mother’s bedfellows. Give my love to both and I wish regards to Sarah, who I am glad to hear is well.
Wishing you every happiness dear Brother,
Believe me your affectionate sister,
Frances Carleton Holmes
May 20th 1848

The dates of Births of the Children of William and Frances Carleton Holmes –

  • Robert William the first child born 6th January 1826.
  • Eleanor Frances Carleton the second child born the 9th December 1827
  • Martha Margaret the third child born the 2nd July 1829
  • Frances Hamilton the fourth child born 29th June 1831
  • John Hunter(???) the fifth born 14th Oct 1833
  • Arabella Mary the sixth child born 1st Oct 1835
  • Edward Litton the seventh child born 12th May `1837
  • Mary Elizabeth the eighth child born 2nd April 1839. She departed this life the 23rd April 1840 about half past 1 o’clock in the morning and was interred on Friday the 24th in New Mills Church Yard.
  • Albert George Birmingham Lovelock the ninth child born 21st May 1842


A copy of William Henry Sproull marriage cert to Bonella MacDowal in the Parish of Ayr is included here

On Tuesday 9th September 1856 I was married to Bonnella, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Macdowal (of Nether Cullian Ayreshire & Two Mile Wood, Kingstown Jamaica) in 8 Barns Street, Ayr by the Rev. Sta…..D.D. Minister of St Quivox.

(signature here) Wm. Henry Sproull

William Henry adds his signature to each one of the following births – ‘W. H. Sproull’

  • On Thursday 3rd Sep 1857 a son born about 6p.m & baptised “Alexander Macdowal” in Carrickfergus Church on Wednesday 28th October 1857 by the Rev J. V. Thompson
  • On Wednesday 11th May 1859 a son born about 11 am & baptised “William Cornelius” in Carrickfergus Church on Monday 27th June 1859, by the Rev. George Gillington.
  • On Sunday 13th January 1861, a daughter born about 5 pm. Her mother died on Saturday 23rd February 1861 and the child was baptised “Bonella Eleanor Florence Elixabeth” in Carrickfergus church by the Rev George Gillington curate, on this day Wednesday 3rd April 1861. 
(This is the first signature where the address is 'Scotch Quarter') W. H. Sproull, Scotch Quarter,
3rd April 1861


On Easter Monday 21st April 1862 I was married to Jane Birney eldest daughter of John Birney of Lisburn & Oakley Park, Co. Down, Solicitor in Lisburn Cathedral by the Very Rev James Stannus, Dean of Ross, Rector.

William Henry adds his signature to each one of the following births – ‘W. H. Sproull’

  • On Easter Monday 1863 6th April at 8am a daughter born, Baptised “Helen Cordelia Jones” (the name of her mother’s mother) in Carrickfergus parish Church by the Rev Hamilton L. Gerty Curate.
  • 1864 in April Saturday 9 a daughter (Milly) born this morning.
  • On Monday 27th November 1865 shortly after 7 am a daughter born. Baptised “Mary” in Carrickfergus Parish Church by Rev James Meighan on Tuesday 16th January 1866. (Her birth was registered  by D Patrick)
  • On Sunday 22nd September 1867, at 3.15 am Daughter born & registered afterwards baptised “Eleanor Rosina” in Carrickfergus Parish Church by Rev James Meighan on Thursday 7th November 1867.
  • On Friday 2nd April 1869 about 2.40 pm son born birth registered afterwards baptised “John Birney” in Carrickfergus Parish Church by Rev James Meighan on Thursday 13th May 1869.
  • Monday morning April 25th 1870 at 9.30 am son born registered 24th May 1870 as Cornelius Carleton and baptised on Saturday 25th June 1870 “Cornelius Carleton” in Carrickfergus Parish church by the Very Rev James Meighan, Curate.
  • (signature here) W. H. Sproull Sunday 26th June 1870


On Wednesday 15th August 1877 Jane Fulton Sproull was married in Carrickfergus Church to the Rev Albert John Burnett, Curate of the Parish of Seagoe, near Portadown.

(The last signature from William Henry) W. H. Sproull

Different writing now

W.H. Sproull died 18th April 1883 & was interred in Carrickfergus Cemetery.

Henry Carleton Sproull  married 7th Jan 1888 to Elizabeth Mary Simson of Clonamully, Monaghan, in Calcutta.

Mary Sproull married on 26th June 1890 to Laurence Walker in Carrickfergus.

Bonella E.F.E. Sproull married 3rd Feb 1891 to Henry Edward Gooch of Derby in St Nicholas’ Church Carrickfergus.

Alexander Macdowal Sproull married on 1st March 1892 at North Kohala, Hawaiian Islands to Nellie, daughter of James Wallace. The Bra… St. Andrew’s.

Cornelius Carleton married on 12 September 1899 in Sligo Mary Pettigrew.


Different writing now – I believe the above was written by Jane Birney, wife of William Henry Sproull. Her death is recorded next entry, written by someone else.

1915 Jane Sproull died at 3.45 a.m. Thursday 25th February 1915 & was interred Monday 1st March 1915 at 10.30am. in Carrickfergus Cemetery


The note on the next page is partly covered at the beginning, but these details are definitely the family of Charles Casement Sproull and his wife Ellen Laing. They were married in New Zealand. The note must be written by Charles Casement Sproull himself. The note also contained descriptions like ‘brunette’ which suggests that a photograph  was sent with this letter.

Top line – Casement Sproull. Received Monday 5th July 1875 in a letter of 10th May 1875 from C.C. Sproull to WH Sproull.

Ellen wife born 7th Dec 1841 – married 16th January 1865 

  • Isabella born Friday 17th Aug 1866
  • Jane Thursday 5th March 1868
  • William Henry Saturday 26th June 1869
  • Anna Mary Wednesday 14 Sept 1870
  • Ellen Letitia Sunday 17th Dec 1871
  • Charles Victor Wednesday 20th Aug 1873

Cornelius Carleton Sproull married 12th Sept 1899 to Mary Pettigrew of Sligo.


  • Maurice Carleton born 16th May 1902
  • Carleton Pettigrew (Tony) born 31st May 1908
  • Mary died 5th June 1924. Cornelius Carleton died 4 Oct 1929


John Birney Sproull married 31st August 1904 to Susan Little


  • Marjorie Stuart born 4th Oct 1906
  • Maurice Birney born 19th March 1901
  • John Birney died 31st May 1938


William Holmes Shuter and Helen Cordelia Jones Sproull married 26th August 1909 in St. James Church Belfast.

Mary Walker died at 54 Wandsworth Rd. Knock at the residence of Cecil Glover at 6 a.m. 2nd March 1937 and was buried at Carnmoney 4th Mar after Service at St. James Parish Church.

Alexander Macdowal Sproull had son Alexander Wallace born 1892 and daughter born 1896 christened Kathleen Dora Mary.

Alexander Wallace Sproull became Major General in Royal Engineers & decorated with C.B., C.B.E.

Helen Suter died at 54 Wandsworth Rd, Knock, in the residence of Cecil Glover on 1st December 1954 & was buried at Carnmoney on 3rd December.


See - a full Family History of this Sproull family

The Sproull Family History Booklet - the first Writers

It was even more amazing than I remembered!  I saw it again when I finally reached the  Public Record Office of Northern Ireland after a long hiatus. It was my main goal when I got to PRONI, to look at this information on the Dungannon/ Antrim / Carrickfergus Sproules that I had seen on a previous visit. I knew that there was a large family tree, and also some sort of stapled booklet with information. I located both of these when I was there, I photocopied everything and took it home.

The booklet was made up of photocopied pages of handwritten notes. When  I began typing the very first page, I stopped at the second entry, slightly gobsmacked; 

“William their first child was born Sunday 9th May 1772 about one o’clock.”

How could the writer possibly know the time of the day the first child was born in May of 1772? This information had to have come from a Family Bible, but when was it written?

The writing on this first page is a very old style, with a flowery  ‘g’ and a very distinctive ‘d’. He or she was writing a long time ago, probably in the late 1700s or early 1800s.

The first two pages have this same handwriting, though it is obvious that the entries have been made at different times. On page 3 the writing changes, and a new person is now recording the family details.

“The said William Sproull (husband of Eleanor) died at Belfast on 16th March 1817 & was interred in the burial ground at the back of the Poor house in the 11th lot 6th platform.”

‘The said William Sproull’, is now dead. So I believe he has to be our first writer. ‘The said William’, with the old style writing, was William Sproull, the very first child named on page 1, who had been born ‘Sunday 9th May 1772 about one o’clock.’  William Sproull was recording his his own birth, the births of his siblings and of his own family.

Our second writer, the new writer tells us later, is the eldest son of William Sproull. He is William Henry Sproull, and he keeps this tradition going, recording the dates and the times of the births of his children.

So this document  had begun with the births of the children in 1772, and the family had kept doing this faithfully right through until 1954! It’s all there, generation after generation.

But the information in this booklet also gives us 2 generations  before 1772.

It was here that I had seen the newspaper cutting that I had written about in another post, it was here in this booklet – with no date or reference on it. A gravestone had been found inside a house in Dungannon, it had recorded the death of Surgeon Robert Spoull, who had died in 1747. His son Robert was also recorded on the stone as having died 23rd Jan 1778. This was the same family.

So we know that this line of the family was in Dungannon at the time of the death of Robert Sproull, the surgeon, in 1747.

We now have more information on Robert’s son, Robert Sproull, who died in 1778. The first line of booklet tells us that Robert and Mary were married the 7th June 1771. Their son William Sproull, who writes this first page, also tells us, rather sweetly, that this was ‘a match of their own making’.

I have transcribed the entire booklet, word for word with no notes or coments.  I’ll add the full family tree after this.

The Sproull Family History Booklet, PRONI Reference :          T2578/2

Monday 13 March 2023

The Will of Oliver Sproule of Stonecarbadagh / Brook Hill

Oliver Sproule of Stonecarbadagh or Stroancarbadagh was also known as Oliver Sproule of Brook Hill. He was the son of Oliver Sproule of Coole or Coolavanagh and Elizabeth Elliot. Oliver was born in 1787 and had a long career as a surgeon in the Royal Navy. [1]


Will dated 18 Jan 1868

Died 22 Feb 1869 -  Probate 24 Apr 1869

 PRONI Ref T810/12, No 441

In the name of God Amen I Doctor Oliver Sproule of Stonecarbadagh in the county of Tyrone Surgeonin Her Majestys Navy Make this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. I direst all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses to be paid by my Trustees and Executors hereinafter named out of my personaland real estate. 

I devise and bequeath to my sisters Rebecca Sproule and Elizabeth Sproule and to the survivor of them during their and her natural life all my estate and interest in the town and lands of Stonecarbadagh and the turf bog thereof they and the survivor of them supported thereout. Mrs Sarah Cuthbertson and her family as thy have heretofore been supported and permitted them the like use of the House and premises as heretofore and sufficient clothing schooling and other necessary requisites at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named and from and after the death of the last survivors of my said sisters I devise and bequeath all my said lands of Stoncarbadagh and the turf bog therof to said Mrs Sarah Cuthbertson her heirs and assigns forever with power for her to dispose thereof to and amongst her present children in such shares and proportions as she by Deed or Will shall appoint and think fit and in the event of her death before the death of the last surviving of my sisters and in the event of her not having made any such appointment to and amongst her children I devise in such event all said lands of Stonecarbadagh and all my bogtherein to the children of said Sara Cuthbertson share and share alike. 

I bequeath to said Sarah Cuthbertson all my goods and chattels in and about my farm in Stonecarbadagh aforesaid she permitting my said sisters the use of same or such portions thereof as my Executors shall think they may require during their joint lives and the life of the survivor of them they to have the like and same use and enjoyment therof as they have heretofore had. I appoint said Sarah Cutbertson (and in the event of her death before me) all her children share and share alike my residuary Legatee and Legatees and I nominate John Houston and Fleming Houston both of Ballynahatty, John Houston Junior of Edergole and said Sarah Cuthbertson Executors and executrix of this my Will and James Greer Junr of Omagh, Guardian. Dated this 18th day of January 1868. Oliver Sproule, signed and declared by the testator as for his last will and testament in our presence who in our presence and in presence of each other have signed our names, Fleming Houston, James Greer Jr Solr. Omagh John Murphy, Omagh


"Marriage of Sarah Sproule. On the 7th inst by the Rev John Porter, Ballynahetty, Mr John Cuthbertson of Canada West to Sarah, daughter of Mr Oliver Sproul, Brook-hill, Omagh." Belfast News Letter, Tuesday, 19 Sep 1843

[1] See also The Family of Oliver Sproule of Stroancarbadagh and Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs and Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs

Sunday 12 March 2023

Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs

I am very lucky that people get in touch from time to time to ask me about their Sproule connection and they always provide me with more Sproule family information in the course of our discussions. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to tell the person enquiring that there is actually no Sproule connection in their family at all. They may have been misled by an Ancestry myth or perhaps they themselves have jumped to the wrong conculsion. 

I actually thought a lady called Sandy Vosper might be one of those when she first got in touch in late 2020, but I was totally wrong. Through perserverance and good research, Sandy brought her ancestor, Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs, and his very many descendants, onto the correct family tree.

Sandy had written in her email;

“My ancestor Susannah Mary Jacobs born in 1802 Harwich, Essex, gave birth to a son Oliver Gustof Sproule Jacobs 18th February 1825 in Harwich.  On his birth certificate, the name of his father is missing but for his occupation there is written 'Doctor'.”

Sandy was asking me, would I know who this doctor Oliver Sproule is.  I explained that there were Sproules in England or Scotland as well as Ireland, and this doctor could have been from anywhere. It would be difficult to pin down. Sandy was not put off at all by this, and off she went to do just that, to pin down her Oliver Sproule, the doctor.

Of course, I knew there were a lot of Sproule doctors, but I knew of only one Oliver Sproule that had been a doctor, and he was in the Royal Navy. This was a definite possibility alright, but could it be proven? 

Oliver the doctor was the son of Oliver Sproule of Stroancarbadagh, and the family lived Brook Hill, outside Omagh.  Oliver, the father, was a barrister who became a Queens Council, with rooms in Dublin and Omagh. He was an affluent man who had acquired his Stroancarbadagh land when he had married Elizabeth Elliot in Dec 1771. [1]

I knew that his son, Oliver Sproule of Brook Hill, was indeed a Surgeon in the Royal Navy,  and also Oliver had died on 17 Feb 1869, aged 82 years. So the timing was right for this Oliver to be the father of Sandy's ancestor, Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs. At the end of his life Oliver was living in retirement in the family home in Brook Hill with his two older sisters, Rebecca and Elizabeth, and, rather sadly, all three died there within a month of each other. [2]

I also checked into the beautifully named Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs. He was definitely real! There are quite a few records on Ancestry for him. There is his baptism record from Harwich, Essex, with his birthdate of 18 Feb 1825. His mother's name is given as Susan Jacobs.[3]  Oliver Gustaf was married twice and had about18 children! The name Oliver Sproule seems to be passed down through the generations. [4]

I had left the research of Oliver Sproule of the Royal Navy to Sandy, and, after a short time, Sandy came back to me having researched Oliver Sproule, Surgeon, in the Royal Navy, and she had done a terrific job. Sandy had a lot of his records and she demonstrated clearly that Oliver Sproule, surgeon, was on HMS Brisk in British waters in 1824. There was no other Oliver Sproule, doctor, about at that time, only our Oliver Sproule of Brook Hill. 

Oliver Sproule's Navy Record, National Archives Kew,  ADM 196/8/300

Now there was very little doubt that Sandy's ancestor was indeed our Oliver Sproule of Brook Hill. I was very happy to congratulate Sandy and to add Oliver Gustoff Sproule Jacobs and his many descendants to the family tree.

Sandy's information was that Oliver Sproule R.N. was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Batavier Hospital Ship on 26 July 1814. He was on the List of Medical Officers who served and was Assistant-Surgeon at Algiers.

The Convict Ship 'The Larkins'

Oliver was appointed Surgeon on 16 Sep 1816, and Surgeon to the ship Brisk in 1822. At a later date he was surgeon on convict ships travelling to Australia, and his journals and records are in the National Archives in Kew. This is an extract from one of his Journals on a ship, the Larkins, which arrived in Port Jackson on 12 December 1829;

We were generally speaking healthy on board the Larkins during her voyage to New South Wales consequently I have but few remarks to offer. To this healthy state of the ship I attribute the mild weather which we experienced off the Cape. The thermometer seldom ranging below 60° at noon, and also to the particular attention which was paid at all times to the comfort and cleanliness of the convicts both in their berths and in their persons besides having them all on deck when the weather permitted, by which means the air of the prison was always pure and sweet when they were sent below.

Besides the cases given in my journal there were 178 others who received medical assistance and medicine during the voyage, but whose cases were of such a trifling nature that were I to insert them they would not only be tedious but irksome to the reader. One case of scurvy however, appeared about ten days previous to our arrival at Sydney, the symptoms of which were spongy gums and enlargement of the left knee accompanied with a considerable degree of rigidity of the muscles and tendons and a livid discolouration of the skin. Suffice it to say that fresh diet, an extra allowance of lime juice and a little bark and wine administered daily kept the disease in check the five days we were in harbour, so far as to walk to Barracks the day the convicts were disembarked. [5]

Oliver Sproule finished his career as Surgeon Superintendant.

Oliver's son Oliver Gustaf Sproule Jacobs, was a sea faring man himself, but was a fisherman. He married twice, and had a large family, so there is a whole branch of Sproule descendants here!

Surgeon Sproule had at least one other child that we know of, Sarah Sproule of Brook Hill. We don't know who Sarah's mother was, but we do know that Sarah had married a Mr John Cuthbertson of Canada West, on 7 Sep 1843 in Ballynahatty Church.(Londonderry Sentinel) Sarah seems to be the only child in Ireland as she was his sole heir. [6]

On my recent visit to PRONI, I was delighted to be able to get the Will of this Oliver of Brook Hill, Surgeon and I found in it that Sara Cuthbertson was actually living in Brook Hill with her family at that time. Later, the family went back to Canada.


[1] 1771 Marriage of Oliver Sproule son of Andrew Sproule of Grennan and Elizabeth Elliot

[2] Deaths of Oliver and his two sisters as recorded in Londonderry Sentinel;

Published date 23 Feb 1869 - "Feb 17, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, Oliver Sproule, Esq., surgeon Royal Navy, aged 82 years."
Published date 26 Feb 1869 - "Feb 21, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, Miss Rebecca Sproule, aged 92 years."
Published date 19 Mar 1869 - "March 13, at Brook Hill, near Omagh, Miss Elizabeth Sproule, aged 84 years."

[4] Essex, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1921,

[5]  Medical journal of the Larkins, convict ship from 19 June to 31 December 1829 by Oliver Sproule, surgeon and superintendent in which daily latitude and longitude readings are also recorded. Reference: ADM 101/42/4

 [6] Will of Oliver Sproule of Brook Hill in PRONI,  Ref T810/12, No 641