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Sproule in the Civil Survey 1654

Archibald Sproule in 1654

The Civil Survey took place in 1654-1656 in 27 counties in Ireland. Not all of the surveys survived, but fortunately the book for Donegal is available.

In this Archibald Sproule is recorded as a British Protestant living on Church Land in the Parish of Rapho. He had four hundred and fifty three acres in the townlands of Stranelachan and Boggach.

Entry in the Civil Survey 1665 - Irish Manuscript Commission

Robert Sproule's Purchase 1634

A Footnote to the above folio reads:
“Mr. Archibald Sproule holdeth the pmisees by purchase from his brother Mr. Robt. Sproule & Alexr. Innes, wch they held by deed of Indenture now in being from Dr. Jon. Lesly then Bp. of Rapho for ye space of sixty yeares comencing 14th July 1634 at ye yearely rent of 20li. 13s 4d.
It is bounded on the south with Burnedale, and on ye west with ye Qrs. Of Beltany & Culladerry, on the north with Machrechan, & on ye east with Agery.”

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