The Family History of Mary McGlinchy

1.    JAMES MCGLINCHY was the father of Mary McGlinchy, and was my great, great grandfather. James McGlinchy was born in 1810 in Laghtmorris, Termonamongan, County Tyrone. He married MARY DOLAN in 1830. She was born about 1809 in Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  This information came from the 1851 census. Mary Dolan died in 1869 in Castlederg, Ireland (Death Age: 60).

James McGlinchy and Mary Dolan had the following children:
2.1 MICHAEL MCGLINCHY was born 1835.
2.2 OWEN MCGLINCHY was born 1836.
2.3 MARY MCGLINCHY was born in 1838 in Laghtmorris, Termonamongan, County Tyrone. She died in 1923 in Tullymoan, Tyrone, Ireland. She married JAMES SPROULE of Tullymoan, son of Andrew Sproule of Tullymoan and Rebecca Mackey of Lismontigley, Raphoe, County Donegal in 1869. James Sproule was born about 1816 in Tullymoan, Tyrone, Ireland. He died on 10 Mar 1897 in Tullymoan, Tyrone, aged 81.
2.4 PATRICK MCGLINCHY was born about 1840
2.5 DENIS MCGLINCHY was born about 1842
2.6 CHARLES MCGLINCHY was born about 1844
2.7 ISABELLA MCGLINCHY was born about 1845
2.8 WILLIAM MCGLINCHY was born in 1850

Mary McGlinchy and James Sproule had the following children:
3.1 ANDREW WILLIAM SPROULE was born on 15 Nov 1870 in Tullymoan, Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He died in 1909 in Strabane aged 38.
3.2 SAMUEL SPROULE was born on 17 Feb 1872 Samuel Sproule became the owner of Tullymoan when his mother died in 1923 and his family are there to this day.
3.3 REBECCA JANE SPROULE (BECKY) was born on 7 Jul 1873
3.4 CATHERINE SPROULE (CASSIE) was born on 20 Jan 1875.  Cassie married PHILIP MCNULTY.
3.5 MARGARET MATILDA SPROULE (TILLY) was born on 15 Apr 1876.  Tilly married James Loughlin on 8 Sep 1913.
3.6 THOMAS SPROULE was born on 24 Aug 1877. Thomas worked as policeman in Dublin from approximately 1897 to 1922. He was offered a position with the Garda but he took early retirement and went back to Doneyloop in Donegal to farm. He married Catherine Gallagher from Castlederg in August 1938 when he was 61 years old and they had two boys. Thomas died on 8th of September 1970 aged 93.
3.7 HENRY SPROULE was born on 31 May 1879. He married SARA ANN MCCLOSKEY in Sep 1916.
3.8 ROBERT SPROULE was born on 31 May 1879 in Tullymoan, Tyrone, Ireland. He died in 1966 in Derry, Ireland. He married Sara Dreenan, daughter of Owen Dreenan of Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal and Annie McLaughlin in Dec 1908 in St Eugenes Cathedral, Derry. Sara Dreenan was born about 1892 and she died on 10 Mar 1938. 
3.9   RICHARD SPROULE was born in 1881 and he died in 1882

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