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Dreenan Family History

1.       OWEN DREENAN OF KEENAGH was born in 1804 in Keenagh, Malin Head, County Donegal, Ireland. He died on 9th January 1886 in Ardmalin, Donegal, Ireland, aged 82.  His son Owen Dreenan reported the death on the Death Certificate.

Owen Dreenan had:

2. OWEN DREENAN OF ARDMALIN died in Sep 1930 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, Ireland, at age 93. This would give his birth year as about 1837. He was born in Keenagh, Donegal, Ireland. Owen Dreenan married ANNIE MCLAUGHLIN in 1875 in Inishowen, Ireland. Annie McLaughlin was born in 1854 in Donegal, Ireland. She died in Sep 1932 in Inishowen,  aged 78.

The children of Owen and Annie Dreenan:

3.1 THOMAS DREENAN was born on 18 Nov 1876 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal.

3.2 MARY ANNE DREENAN was born on 02 Nov 1878 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal.

3.3 PATRICK DREENAN was born in Jun 1881 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal.

3.4 MICHAEL DREENAN was born about 1886 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal. Michael married on the 12th Jan 1913 in Boston – and gave Owen and Annie McLaughlin as parents. His bride was Mary McConologue

3.5 CATHERINE DREENAN was born about 1887 in Inishowen, Ireland. She died unmarried in March 1949 in Inishowen, Ireland (Death Age: 62).
Catherine (Cassie) was the bridesmade at the wedding of Robert Sproule and Sara Dreenan in Dec 1908 in St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry.
Cassie Dreenan was a servant in what looks like a nursing home in 16 Infirmary Road, Derry in the 1911 Census. This is about 10 minutes walk from where sister Sara was living in Argyle Street with her husband Robert Sproule.
It is possible that Sara came in to Derry with her sister Cassie to work in this establishment, and that was how she met policeman Robert.

3.6 DENIS DREENAN was born in Jun 1889 in Inishowen, Ireland. He died in Dec 1947 in Inishowen, Ireland (Death Age: 57).

3.7 SARA DREENAN was born about 1892 in Ardmalin, Donegal, Ireland. She died on 10 March 1938 in Derry.
She married Robert Sproule, son of James Sproule of Tullymoan and Mary McGlinchy in December 1908 in St Eugenes Cathedral, Derry.
Robert Sproule was born on 31 May 1879 in Tullymoan, Urney, Tyrone, Ireland.
He was a policeman in the Royal Irish Constabulary and, at the time of his wedding, he was stationed in Athenry.
He retired from the RIC at the time of independence in 1922. He died in 1966 in Derry, Northern Ireland.
In the 1911 Census, Robert and Sara are living in 43, Argyle Street, with their baby Veronica. They lived there for some time, according to my father’s stories.

3.8 EUGENE DREENAN was born in Sep 1894 in Ardmalin, Malin Head, County Donegal. He married an unknown spouse in Mar 1933 in Inishowen, Ireland.

3.9 WILLIAM DREENAN was born in Dec 1896 in Inishowen, Ireland. He died in Sep 1952 in Inishowen, Ireland (Death Age: 54).

The story of the last Dreenans can be found in The Dreenans - the End of the Line

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