Sunday, 6 November 2016

The State of Play of my Sproule Research

Those familiar with research into one family tree will know how difficult it is to move from one generation to the next. The first series of posts in this blog records how I discovered the different generations of just one strand of my Sproule family, and the exciting stories I found along the way.

The next phase of my research was much more ambitious and has taken me over 5 years to achieve. I sought to chart all the different Sproule families that I had found in Tyrone and in Donegal, and to find their origins. These are the great Sproule families of the area, to which I am related in one way or another. This research is what is known as a One-name-study, and indeed I am am Member of the Guild of One Name Studies.

I have discovered a great deal of new information about the origins of families such as:
  • The Magheracrigan Sproules
  • The Grennan Sproules
  • The Curraghamulkin Sproules
  • The Sproules of Brookhill, Burrell's Folley, Fairy Hill, Daisy Hill, Millview and so on
I found the documentation to show that they all come from one great ancestor - Cornet Andrew Spreull (Sproule).

The research has been labourous and challenging over the years, but of course I enjoyed every minute. The worst part for me was the Registry of Deeds in Dublin - the weight of those huge books that had to be carried up and down ladders!

Over the years I  have worked closely with some other excellent Sproule researchers to piece  the various Sproule strands together, and I am very grateful to them for their help and jigsaw pieces.

I spent many long late-night sessions in PRONI in Belfast, travelled to all parts of Northern Ireland, to Donegal and to London - and it was all worthwhile to get the wonderful pieces of data that I recovered. 

This information has been shared in my family tree on Ancestry - Sproule-Carney (1), and I am happy to share this new research with all serious genealogists. Please just credit me, Kate Tammemagi, and my tree, Sproule-Carney (1) if you wish to use any name, piece of information or relationship from my tree.

I have had to copyright the entire research on the descendants of Cornet Andrew Spreull, their relationships and their connections, which means that all information regarding the descendants of Cornet Andrew Spreull on the Sproule-Carney (1) tree is now copyrighted. I had to do this as an individual who I had helped, and had allowed to share my tree, copied almost the entire Sproule tree and is passing it off as her own tree and her own research. She is not related in any way to me or to anyone on my tree.

On a lighter note, this little hiccup along the way has spurred me on to get my research into hard copy for copyright purposes, and I will now begin putting it up on the Sproule Blog!

Hopefully, you won't have to wait too long!


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